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Battlefield live Pembrokeshire – a great day out for the whole family!

Last week we we’re kindly invited to join in with an afternoon of gaming at Battlefield Live one of Pembrokeshire’s recently developed attractions, originating in Australia it’s a combat game played with laser guns – think paintball but without the pain! Kevin Legg and Louise Lambert took up the kind invitation and joined in with a group of youngsters there for a birthday party. There was some concern that perhaps the adults might get squarely beaten by the 9 year olds but we somehow held our own.

We played a range of games including one where Lou was the ‘sniper’ and the gun was nearly as tall as she was! We played some fast paced action games as well as some slower games where strategy and tactics we’re the important elements. The afternoon flew by and by the time the final game started there we’re only 20 points between the two teams, it was a tense time as we played ‘flight box’ where we had to defend our own box AND capture that of the other teams, we knew if we could just hold on to our box we’d be victorious so we mounted a formidable defence and took the win. We thanked Battlefield for their generosity and left the kids to enjoy their birthday cake whilst us oldies recovered from all the running round.

Having played both paintball and laser-quest previously I’d say Battlefield falls between the two, there’s none of the pain of paintball and no expense for further pellets, however there’s not the same limitations on space that you get with laser-quest. It’s an ideal day out for all the family and at £20 per person it’s great value for money too, both of us said we would definitely go back.