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What's Open at Vale Holiday Parks?

An updated list on open/closed facilities at Vale Holiday Parks

Available Facilities

We've created a table to show which facilties are currently available at Vale Holiday Parks.

Please note that there may be some restrictions in place at all of the facilities to keep everyone safe. If you have any questions about the restrictions, please contact the park you're staying at as they'll be able to give you specific instructions for that site. We always encourage social distancing at all facilities!


 OPEN ✅ 

Club Houses






Swimming Pools


Please book in advance!

Amusement Arcades  OPEN ✅


Laundrettes  OPEN ✅




Probably not reopening this season



Probably not reopening this season

Last updated: 02/09 

It's important to point out that not every holiday park has all of the above facilities. This is an overall guide for whether they are open on any of the holiday parks. Also, please note that you need to book many facilities to ensure use of them. Please contact your park's reception to do so.

We will mark exceptions with an orange star ✴️ You can find a full list of facilities for every individual park on their web pages.

Safety Comes First

As our holiday parks are open now, safety comes first and closed facilities are done so to follow governement regulations and keep everyone feeling safe and secure.

If you are interested in the other safety measures we have implemented for our guests, owners and staff at Vale Holiday Parks, please find them here:

Safety Guidelines at Vale Holiday Parks