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We are David Bellamy Conservation Award Winners!

Here at Vale, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded a Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award for 2017/2018 at Ocean Heights. We have been awarded this as we have made sure our park is “a haven for wildlife”.

David Bellamy OBE is an English author, broadcaster, environmental campaigner and botanist.

Throughout our park, we have hanging baskets which we have made “bee-friendly” and due to this we are now recognised as a “Honey Bee Friendly Park”. We received a personal message from David Bellamy himself, he said, “Well done on all the hard work you have done to help Britain’s bees – you are officially a “Honey Bee Friendly” park”. 

We are also proud to announce that we have also won our first 5 in 5 award due to our hedges being wildlife friendly.

We are ecstatic that we have won these awards and we are going to continue our efforts to make our parks as wildlife friendly as possible.


Honey Bee Friendly 5 in 5 Hedgerows





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