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6 Best Caravans New for 2017

With 2017 now fully under way, it’s time to take a look at what the year has in store for the discerning caravan buyer.

If you’re in the market for a new caravan, holiday home or lodge in 2017, there’s plenty of high quality products to choose from here at Vale Holiday Parks. In fact, there can be an overwhelming amount of choice. But don’t worry because help is at hand.

In this blog post we’ve distilled the choice into just six caravans. After much discussion, these are what we believe to be the best new holiday homes for 2017. So buckle up or kick back, grab a drink, and let your eyes gaze over these beautiful caravans.

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Carabuild Signature Lodge

One of the best caravans 2017 has to offer is without question The Carabuild Signature Lodge. It oozes a high level of sleek sophistication and style, while being designed and constructed to a truly elite standard. If it’s luxury you’re seeking in your new holiday home, you can’t go wrong with The Signature Lodge.

An eye-catching set of double sliding patio doors and full height floor to ceiling windows introduce The Signature Lodge and shape its appeal before you’ve even stepped inside. With such windows and patio doors it’s clear that you will be able to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy stunning panoramic views from wherever you choose to call home.

Inside, vivid yet calming colours complement an intelligent layout and tastefully crafted style. This creates an overall build which genuinely sets it apart from other homes. The cherry on the top comes in the form of elegant furnishings which may convince you to stay forever.

As well as being equipped with high end facilities, ample storage is available throughout. Indeed, one of the key additional benefits to this home is its spaciousness thanks to a generous nine foot high ceiling.

More benefits are found in an inviting kitchen. Designed for both function and comfort, there’s plenty of space to move and prepare food, while the dining area with overhead lighting gives a decadent space in which to eat. Plush gloss doors, a five hob range cooker and glass extractor complete the set up to give everything you need in a home from home. Furnished with a flourish throughout, this lodge really does shine with quality.

Carnaby Helmsley Lodge

Helmsley Lodge is one of the most inviting new holiday homes around at the moment. Even at a first glance there’s an unmistakable welcoming feel glowing from its warming and sophisticated décor. There’s also adequate space to stretch out and unwind.

Imbued with an effortlessly timeless style, the Helmsley Lodge evokes a sense of classic lodge living. Added to the style is the feel of familiar liveable function through a range of comfortable furniture. Designed and assembled to superior standards across the board, a wrap-around kitchen with connecting dining area offers gleaming high-gloss surfaces and the highest quality domestic appliances.

In terms of specifications and value for money, you can’t go far wrong with this holiday home.

Carnaby Ashdale

If lifestyle is front and centre of your priorities for the new year, Carnaby Ashdale might just be the best holiday home for you. Having been designed around the idea of lifestyle, this is a broadly affordable home which doesn’t scrimp on function, convenience or comfort.

The Carnaby Ashdale is said to make the operation of holidaying a more smoothly run experience than ever before. All your holiday needs will be catered for in this home thanks to an intelligent fresh design. Expect to enjoy a cleverly designed dining arrangement which makes the most of the space available, smartly matching fabrics, and heaps of glorious natural light.

Carnaby Oakdale

Another contender for holiday home of 2017 is the Carnaby Oakdale. Reflexing its name, oak tones blend well with creams and natural colours, generating a true warmth to the home.

Seen together with well-judged, tasteful décor are functional modern appliances and aesthetically pleasing light fixtures. Each element of the Oakdale has been well considered from the design stage onwards, resulting in a home which offers an outstandingly comprehensive level of comfort. This is an ideal choice for family groups or couples seeking their own quiet space away from it all.

Carnaby Envoy

Having undergone a number of major changes, Carnaby is now presenting the Envoy home with its new face. This model is said to be the real deal, the bees knees, the ultimate. You get the point. But does it deliver?

Inside the Envoy you’ll find an open-plan layout with luxury loft apartment style. You’ll note the availability of modern appliances at the premium end of the market. The contents of the Envoy are said to be completely exclusive. Every corner of the magnificent Envoy shines with a high-end opulence - this is one exceptionally lavish living space.

Swift Moselle Lodge

The Swift Moselle Lodge will become a firm favourite for many throughout the year. This won’t change when evaluating the best holiday homes for 2017 at the end of the year. This home offers comfortable residential living within a popular price bracket.

Inside you’ll find homely soft furnishings. The welcoming Minnesota furnishings include fabrics with zesty aubergine and lime flourishes. ‘Aspect’ front patio doors provide the living space with a fantastic amount of natural light. You can also enjoy sensibly arranged living and dining spaces together with unique designs that help to set Swift homes apart.

There you have it: our take on the six best caravans new for 2017. It’s clear that manufacturers are innovating all the time, producing stylish high specification lodges for a range of different budgets.

Here at Vale Holiday Parks we hope this post has at least given you some food for thought, and possibly a springboard to further research into that next holiday home.

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