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Dolphin Spotting in Cardigan Bay

Yes, you read that correctly - you really can see dolphins in Cardigan Bay! One of only two schools of bottlenose dolphins in the UK have made their home in Welsh waters, with the second school preferring the chillier climate of Moray Firth in Scotland.

If you're staying at any of our more south-westerly parks including The Village, Ocean Heights, Grondre or Penlon, you're ideally positioned to take a trip to Cardigan Bay and try your luck at spotting one of our finned friends. The area of coast between Ceibwr and Aberarth is a Special Area of Conservation or SAC, and is a hub of marine wildlife. As well as dolphins, you might also be lucky enough to see grey seals along this coastal stretch, while coral reefs and ancient sandbanks flourish underwater.

Spotting a dolphin is a thrilling experience and something you'll be able to talk about long after your holiday is over. You might not even have to leave dry land to see one - being inquisitive by nature, they are undeterred by boats and people and have often been seen swimming close to the shore. They're not confined to the SAC area either; some sightings have taken place as far up the coast as Aberystwyth.

For those who are looking for a bit more of an adventure, why not take a boat trip from New Quay? Vessels frequently depart from the pier for the sole purpose of seeing a dolphin. According to the Sea Watch Foundation, there had been 680 dolphin sightings around the UK by July alone! If you're lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a dolphin while staying at any of our parks, tell us about it. Facebook or Tweet us your pictures and we'll share our favourites.

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