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Introducing The New Showboat Club At Clarach Bay

As the sun sets over the picturesque landscapes of Wales, there's a new horizon beckoning for holidaymakers.

For those who know and love Vale Holiday Parks, the name brings back memories of family, community, and the quintessential British holiday experience. These parks have been a beloved destination for many, from the rolling countryside to the pristine beaches.

The story of Vale Holiday Parks is one with family at its heart. Three generations have poured their heart and soul into creating holiday havens across Wales and Cornwall, creating cherished memories for countless families. Starting their journey in 1983, exploring the scenic countryside of West Wales, they now oversee twelve unique holiday parks - all of which truly stand out with a personal touch.

Now, let’s talk about the exciting news! Vale Holiday Parks has been on a mission to enhance guest experience, and they have made some remarkable transformations over recent years. From seafront live entertainment to an improved kids club, the changes have been impressive. The most exciting transformation is yet to come with a £1 million rebranding and renovation of Clarach Bay Holiday Village’s own Showboat Club.

Imagine stepping into a room that takes you back to the golden age of ship travel. The Showboat's main room captures the decadence, allure, and nostalgia of that era. This retro ship travel theme, set to be completed by March 31st 2024, promises to be a hub of live entertainment. And if there are any hiccups along the way, the Lounge Bar is ready to keep the revelry going.

Artists Impression of Vale Showboat Club
Artists Impression of Clarach Bay Holiday Village Showboat Club

But the Showboat's journey doesn't end there. Phase 2 will introduce a futuristic Speak Easy-style lounge, complete with interactive games like darts, shuffleboard, and pool. And for those of us who love surprises, there are still some awe-inspiring features yet to be revealed.

Clarach Bay Prohibition Club Artists Impression
Artists Impressions of Clarach Bay Holiday Village Prohibition Club

Behind this ambitious project is the artistic genius of James Blinkhorn and his team at Vermillion Galleries in Cheshire, with a pristine reputation they are working on building a truly immersive and unique experience in the Showboat Club - an affair visitors will not soon forget.

Vale's parks have always been about community. The majority of caravans are privately owned, creating a familial atmosphere that's hard to find elsewhere. It's this sense of belonging, coupled with the parks' commitment to customer care (evidenced by their impressive star ratings from the Wales Tourist Board and recent Hoseasons Diamond Awards), that sets them apart.

The renovation of the Showboat is not just about a club; it's a testament to Vale Holiday Parks' commitment to evolution while staying true to their roots. It's about creating memories, fostering community, and ensuring that every visitor, whether a first-timer or a regular, feels right at home.

So, as we eagerly await the unveiling of the new Showboat, here's to new adventures, timeless memories, and the continued legacy of Vale Holiday Parks. Cheers - we can’t wait to see you there!

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