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Pet Friendly Holiday Parks in Wales

10 Sep 2015

When we say family holidays, we want you to know we mean it. From Mums and Dads, to Grandparents, the Kids and even the family Dog - a holiday in Wales is the perfect way for the whole clan to recharge their batteries.

Not everyone is aware of the responsibilities that come with taking a four-legged friend on a family trip. Like it or not, there are more considerations to taking your pooch away than you may initially think.

Planning your family trip including the pup? Here are our top tips to a smooth experience...

Pet Carrier If your dog isn't familiar enough with your pet carrier they may get uneasy with its appearance. Bring it out a week or two before you set off, allowing Rover to get used to it. If possible fill with your dog’s blankets – the familiar scent will help your pal to relax. You might even find your pet takes to sleeping in it, which should alleviate any stress on journey day!

Comforts Taking your pooch away from its usual stomping ground can often be a cause of stress - at least initially. Once they get used to their new location they'll be right as rain. To help ease them into 'holiday mode', bring a few of their favourite comforters. Blankets, toys and even their favourite bowl should help them start their caravan holiday on the right paw.

Routine Try to maintain an established routine when you go away on your holiday, to help your dog relax into its new surroundings. Make sure you give him/her food and take them for walks at a similar time to when you would at home. Dogs (like most of us) are creatures of habit, so whatever you can do to help them settle into their holiday will also make your holiday a more pleasant experience too.

Walks Holidays with us are pet friendly for more reasons than just allowing dogs on-site. Our parks are located in some of the South of Wales' most beautiful locations, and exploring them is half the fun. Getting familiar with their surroundings will also help your pooch adjust to the holiday, so get those walking boots laced up! We also have holiday parks in Cornwall with equally stunning locations to roam.

And on that note...

A Lead Once you're out and about on your pet friendly holiday, you'll no doubt be delighted to see your pooch running around and having the time of their lives. As joyous as this is, be sure to keep a lead handy and look out for any signs instructing you on its use. The last thing you want is for Rover to go walkabout in an unfamiliar area.

Vets As you probably don't know the surrounding area on your pet friendly holiday in Wales, it's advisable to find out where the nearest vets are located. You can either look on the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' 'Find-A-Vet' service, or ask a member of staff at your holiday park of choice. Make sure you take your pet's insurance details with you in the unlikely event that they require medical attention. We're sure you'll agree that your peace of mind is worth it!

So there you have it, our quick guide to planning for a holiday for ALL the family. Ready to book your next adventure?

Until Next Time,
The Team at Vale Holiday Parks