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Economic fuel tips for a caravanning holiday

With rising fuel and petrol prices and the economy in a flux we thought we’d help you reduce the costs of your caravanning holiday with some thrifty fuel tips. 

Escalating fuel prices are a major factor to take into account when planning your holiday budget, although you can’t do anything to change the price, you can take a few easy steps in monitoring your fuel consumption: 

·      The biggest guzzler of fuel is the weight your tow car will be pulling so make your caravan lighter by removing any unnecessary items; think about the things you haven’t used for six months and aren’t essential to you or your caravan. We understand in the winter you’ll need to carry more but remember to clear this out when the summer months arrive.

·      The water tank doesn’t need to completely full (unless you’re planning a trip across the Sahara) so just leave enough water to have a quick cup of tea when you arrive at your campsite.  

·      Tyre pressure can also consume a lot of fuel so make sure your tyres are compliant with the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

·      Accelerate gently and drive smoothly; the most economical speed to drive is between 55-60 mph - anything over this amount will result in unnecessary fuel loss.

·      Do you really need the air conditioning on? This can up fuel consumption as much as 10%!

·      Fill up at night, you get slightly more fuel for your money.